Thursday, November 7, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Twenty Eight

Favorite TV Shows

Sorry that I've been absent that last couple days.  I've been feeling just awful so I took that time to rest up.  I'm not feel 100% but I do feel much better from where I started.

Today's challenge is to list my favorite TV shows.  First off, I have to say that I LOVE to watch my TV shows.  I look forward to them all week.  I'm so bad!

1. The Big Bang Theory: I seriously LOOOOOVE this show.  I love the geeky humor.  I can't pick just one favorite character.  I love them all.  I started watching when they were on season 2 and I've watched every episode up to date... about a 100 times!
The Big Bang Theory Wallpapers

2. Pretty Little Liars: Ugh!  I love shows that keep me guessing.  I swear, I thought I had this show all figured out and then BAM!  They throw a curve ball and I am left sitting there like "What the heck just happened?!"
Pretty Little Liars wallpaper

3. Grey's Anatomy: So many characters have come and gone.  I am one of those people that has a hard time letting go when they remove a main character!  I feel in love with the show for a reason and you can't just take away one of those reasons!!  But I have to say, I still find the show pretty amazing.  I do admit though, I'm not as in love with it as I first was.
Grey's Anatomy Images

4.  Vampire Diaries:  I LOVE all the Twilight movies.  So I really thought I wouldn't like this show because I know there a quite a few differences in the vampires.  But I love it!  It's one of those shows that I get invested in the characters... so I hope they're not planning on killing of any of the main characters any time soon!!
The Vampire Diaries wallpaper 1920x1200 jpg

5. House M.D.: Last but not least, House has been one of my favorite all time shows.  I just love his attitude.  I'm kind of a sucker for those "complicated medical issues" TV shows.  This one just fits what I love perfectly!  I can't get enough.
House MD Wallpaper

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Twenty Six... Cancelled!!

Hey guys.

Sorry about there not being a blog post today.  I've been feeling terrible all day and had a hectic day with 4 kids.  Hoping to feel like myself again tomorrow!  Talk to you all soon! :)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Twenty Five

Who Inspires Me?

So my answer to this question is going to be pretty vague.  I'm not going to name someone in particular but rather a group of people.

I am inspired by mothers who make motherhood look like a walk in the park.  I love being a mommy and I wouldn't change it for anything.  I definitely experience those moments when I wonder how I'll make it through the next 15 minutes with a screaming toddler but those moments of pure bliss make everything worth it.

The thought of having more children just makes me so happy and hopeful.  If others can do it, so can I!  I'm determined!  I'm hopeful!  

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Twenty Four

My Favorite Hobby

ONCE UPON A TIME, at a restaurant in my hometown, I received a gift from my mom that would change my life! 

Ok... maybe this is starting off a little dramatic so let's get a little more serious.

When I turned 15, my mom had given me a scrapbook that she had started.  Inside were scrapbook pages of me when I was younger.  I thought it was such a personal and thoughtful gift but I wasn't sure what to do with it.

I was so inspired by what my mom created that I, too, wanted to try out this newly introduced hobby.  So that's where it all began!

I started out by just throwing pictures and paper together with a few stickers and thought it was soooo cool.  I then got into digital scrapbooking.  This was so easy and fun but I felt like it took the creativity out of it.  

Over the next few years, I watched countless YouTube videos of women scrapbooking their fondest memories, picking up tips and tricks.  The creativity began to grow inside me and I wanted to scrapbook all day!

Today, I love to scrapbook, make cards and home decor, and pretty much anything thing that involves pretty paper and glue!  

Blog Challenge Day Twenty Three

Favorite Instagram Picture

Sorry for the last post. There will be two posts today because I wanted to share my favorite Instagram photo.

I took this photo while my little peanut and I were enjoying a movie.  We were cuddling under my favorite blanket and she grabbed my hand.  I'm so happy I didn't miss it!  Love these kind of memories!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Twenty Two

Favorite Memory

I don't think I could pick just one favorite memory so I'll just share the one I was thinking about the other day.

I dreaded Sunday school when I was a little girl.  I would always hope that my parents would accidentally sleep in and when they did, I was ecstatic!

One of the bonuses of going to Sunday school was the times that my mom let us go to the old corner store.  It was a few blocks from the church.

My mom would tell us beforehand if we could go to the store to get a treat and I would look forward to it through my whole Sunday school class.

Class would be done and my little brother and I would make a mad dash to the old corner store.  I remember getting 1 cent Tootsie Rolls.  What's better than 100 Tootsie Rolls to rot those teeth?!

The store has been ripped down since then but it still has a strong place in my memory.  :)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Twenty One

If I could be a Disney Princess...

I would be Belle!!

I love to read.  I find something so powerful in reading.  It's like living in their world and experiencing what it would be like to be someone else.

I would love to live in a mansion where the teacups, clock and candlesticks talked.  Ok... this seems a little far fetched, but can you imagine the kind of conversations you would have?!  Plus, what's cooler than inanimate objects becoming animated?!

Like pretty much all of the princesses, Belle has a beautiful singing voice.  I would love to have a powerful singing voice!

She is sooooo beautiful.  Obviously, she's a fictional character but I've always thought women with brunette hair and golden brown eyes possess such beauty.   

She has a heart full of purity and love.  She falls in love with a creature who sends others in the opposite direction.  She finds something that is seen as ugly to be wonderful and handsome.  

What Disney Princess do you admire?  Leave a comment below!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Twenty

My Favorite Season

My favorite season is most definitely Winter.  If you've ever lived in Minnesota or know anything about Minnesota weather, then you're probably thinking I'm kinda crazy right now.

Don't get me wrong; I hate the 30 below windchill. But there is something so magical about this time of year. Between the snow and the holidays, there is just so much to enjoy.

I've always loved snow.  Snow days are any kids dream and I looked forward to them every winter when I was a kid.  Now I look forward to them when my kids are in school.  I know I'll love having that extra time with them.

Thanksgiving can be so much fun.  Between the good food and the family, there is so much to be thankful for.  I want to start new traditions with my kids that will make every Thanksgiving special.

Christmas is my all time favorite!  I love to decorate our home, listen to Christmas music, make Christmas treats, and make Christmas cards to share with friends and family.  Everything about Christmas brings such joy to me.  It's just one of those holidays that I can't wait for it to arrive again.

Last but not least... those moments when you're inside your warm home, underneath a blanket with your loved ones, sipping on some hot cocoa and watching a movie.  I love that feeling; that warm, toasty feeling you get when you're cozied up on your couch while the cold winter air whips past your windows.  If I had a fireplace, that would make every winter even more magical.

I hope you enjoyed learning about why I love the winter.  Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite season is and why! :)  Talk to you tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Nineteen

Put My iPhone on Shuffle (10 Songs)

Today's challenge involves one of my most favorite things in life... MUSIC!!  Music can change my mood from song to song.  I love to listen to it when I'm cleaning or working on a project.  In fact, I'm listening to some music right now!

I love a lot of genres of music.  I typically listen to Christian, Country, Pop, Alternative, Rock and R&B.  

On my iPhone, I only have 166 songs but in my itunes, I have almost 1,300 songs to choose from.  I usually change out songs on my iPhone every few weeks so I'm constantly adding new ones and deleting the ones that I've been skipping.  


1. Nine Inch Nails- The Hand That Feeds

2. The Lumineers- Ho Hey

3. Rod Stewart- Do Ya Think I'm Sexy (haha!)

4. Skillet- Monster

5. Cali Swag District- Teach Me How to Dougie

6. Chris Tomlin- Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies)

7. John Mellencamp- Hurts So Good

8. Hunter Hayes- I Want Crazy

9. Foo Fighters- Best of You

10. Jake Owen- Barefoot Blue Jean Night

Monday, October 28, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Eighteen

Star Sign and My Personality

Sorry guys.  I missed day 17 but lets precede on to day 18.  


So, I'm gonna list some traits that is said to characterize a Sagittarius and state whether that describes me or not.

Optimistic:  I would like to say that I'm a "glass half full" type of girl.  I definitely have my times when I stress about things out of my control but I try to stay positive.

Straightforward: This fits me perfect.  If I don't like something, I'm gonna tell you.  I'm not going to be rude about it, but honesty is always best.

Philosophical:  My religion is something I keep near and dear to my heart and I love to share it with anyone who is open to listening.  I hold my faith with a strong sense of morality.  

Generous: I love to give.  I'm the type of person that has a hard time waiting until Christmas to GIVE a gift to someone.  I love to make people feel good and cherish the feeling of giving to others.

Adventurous:  I'm a risk taker for sure!  I love to try new things and test myself.  

Careless:  Along the lines of being adventurous, I'm sometimes careless in some of the non-serious choices I make in life.

Restlessness:  When I have something planned, I have a hard time waiting around.  I can't sleep.  I tend to over plan and think to much about it.

Overconfident:  This has got me in trouble a few times.  I think I'm right, I know I'm right... and then I stick my foot in my mouth! Oops!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Sixteen

My Family

Today, I'll be introducing 3 important people in my life.

Joshua:  Josh graduated from Granite Falls, MN which is one town over from my hometown.  We met at a previous job about 3 1/2 years ago and became close friends instantly.  We started dating in November of 2010 and got married in August of 2011.  He works for an excavating company near us.  Josh is amazing at pretty much all sports and enjoys hunting and fishing.

Honor:  Honor is our first child.  She was born January 17, 2012.  She has kept me on my toes everyday since.  Honor enjoys exploring, playing with shoes, purses, and clothes and going for long walks with mommy.  She loves to be active.  She is just a little thing but that doesn't seem to stop her from concurring the world! 

Adilee:  Adilee is my stepdaughter.  When my husband and I started dating, she was about 9 months old.  She has always been my daughter and has brought such joy to my life.  Adilee enjoys watching movies, reading books and playing with her dolls. 

My family may seem small to some but I'm grateful for every single one of them.  I do hope for it to grow in the future but only God knows what's ahead.  

Thank you for stopping by!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Fifteen

Bucket List

OMG!! Pretty much half way done with the blog challenge and I'm still going strong!

So I came up with a list of 5 things that I'd like to do before I die... what a dreary thought, right?!  (But I know something better awaits!)

1. Go skydiving:  I've dreamed of doing this since I was a little girl.  My dad did it so I thought it would only be right if I did it as well!

2. Run a 5K: Let's be realistic here!  My goals use to be to run a marathon... then I had a child!  Life's a little hectic and I don't always find the time to workout and run.  BTW... I love to run! So a 5K will do, I suppose.

3. Travel Europe:  I don't have any specific places picked out, but I would love to see Paris, Rome and some of Spain for sure!

4. Set up a dream craft room: This one will definitely get checked off the list!  I've been collecting things for about 8 years now... so hopefully sooner or later it will all come together.  (And then I'll change my mind a half a dozen times!)

5. Hit up as many amusement parks as possible:  I am a huge adrenaline freak!  I love anything that goes fast, high, upside down and everything in between.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Fourteen

Five Favorite Blogs

I love to read blogs and watch YouTube videos from the 5 ladies listed below.  They are my abosolute favorite bloggers!  

I really got into reading blogs about 2 years ago.  I just loved how much it seemed like I was having a conversation with that person. (A one-sided conversation, I suppose!)  It was just so nice to read about something I was interested in from some fun ladies.

If you are interested in what these ladies do, go check out their blogs or YouTube channels.  I'm fairly certain you won't be disappointed.  

1.> Kristina Werner makes the most fabulous looking cards!  I've been following her for about 4 years now and I love absolutely everything she makes.  She also designs for Simon Says Stamp. 

2.>  I found Nichol Magouirk through Two Peas in a Pod about 2-3 years ago.  I love to watch her create a scrapbook layout.  I'm mesmerized by her techniques.  

3.> I believe if found Jennifer McGuire through Nichol.  She demonstrates some pretty cool techniques in card making.  I'm dumbfounded by the ideas she comes up with!  I wish I had her creativity!

4.> Christina Thompson is an amazing card maker/crafter.  I found her on YouTube around 3 years ago.  She makes the most elegant cards to the most fun and colorful cards.  I believe she works for or with Stampin Up.

5.> Kate is a hair stylist.  I found her about a year and a half ago from a Pinterest post of an cute hairstyle.  I started watching her YouTube videos immediately.  She gives the best hair tips and tricks!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Thirteen

Photo Challenge: Written Words

This will someday belong to my daughter.  As I've mentioned before, I enjoy scrapbooking.  I love to create things for myself so I have something to look back on to remember those fond memories.  

I also love to create for the special people in my life. I made a fun little mini album to give to my daughter which will hold pictures of my daughter along with why that particular moment was so special to me.  

I hope that she will find it just as special as I do.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Twelve

Timeline of My Day

This is a typical day for me.

Btw... DD= my daughter Honor and DH= my hubby.

Ready, set.... Go!

8:00 am: Wake up to DD singing in her crib.

8:30 am: Make breakfast for both DD and I... and enjoy it!

9:00 am: Watch a show or two (Usually Sesame Street, Veggie Tales or something Disney).

10:00 am: DD plays while this mommy gets the kitchen cleaned up and does some laundry or cleans a bathroom or two.

11:30 am/12:30 pm: Make lunch for DD and I... and enjoy it!

1:00 pm: DD goes down for a nap. I either nap, scrap or catch up on my favorite shows.  Sometimes all three!

4:00 pm: DD wakes up from her nap with smiles and all! Playtime resumes.  If it's nice out, DD and I go for a nice 2-mile walk!

5:30 pm: I start making supper.

6:30 pm: DD and I have supper.  DH is usually home by now and enjoys supper with us.

7:00 pm: Time to start the bedtime routine! (Bath, brush teeth, PJ's, prayers, hugs & kisses)

7:30 pm: Bedtime for my DD.  Playtime for this mama! (Again, usually scrapping, shows with DH curled up on the couch, or Pinterest, maybe!)

10:30: I try to be in bed by this time.  Sometimes successful, sometimes not!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Eleven

What's in My Makeup Bag

There is no doubt about it that I'm a drugstore makeup kind of girl.  I just can't bring myself to spend $20+ on mascara.  Now that I'm a mom, I honestly don't wear makeup as much as I use to.  When I do, I like to wear it for myself and my husband.  

I rarely stray from these products below.  If I like it, I stick with it.  Why fix something that isn't broken, right?! :)

The mascara I have listed and pictured below is actually a new one for me.  I usually buy Maybelline Lash Blast but I decided to try something new... this time.  I don't know if it was the pretty blue and pink tube it came in but I actually really like it.  The only downfall was the brush felt a little harsh on my eyes. Otherwise it gives awesome coverage.

I definitely recommend the foundation shown below.  It is AMAZING!  It gives great coverage and feels soooo light!

I also love the face primer.  It helps my foundation to last hours longer than it normally would.  I would recommend it to anyone, especially if you feel like your foundation wears off too quickly. 

As far as the rest of the products, I've been using them for a few years and have no complaints.

Foundation: Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse (Classic Ivory)
Concealer: Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Radiant Concealer (Ivory)
Eyeliner: L'Oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid (Carbon Black)
Eyelid Primer: Elf (Sheer)
Mascara: Maybelline the Rocket Volum' Express (Very Black)
Eye Shadow: Elf (Neutral) 
Primer: Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro
Eyelash Curler: Sally Hansen La Cross
Eye Shadow Brush: Elf  
Foundation Brush: Ecotools Bamboo Foundation Brush

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Ten

Where Have I Traveled

 Niagara Falls:  I traveled to Niagara falls in high school when I was 14. It was my first time ever being out of the country.  At that time, you didn't need a passport to cross the Canadian/US border.
On the same trip to Niagara Falls, our final destination was New York City!  Omg, I love this city!  I got to take a boat cruise around the Statue of Liberty and visited Ground Zero.  I also got to see the play "Wicked" in theater... it was amazing!

Chicago was another high school trip when I was 16.  I got to see the Empire State Building and saw a few plays in theater.  I remember the city being very smoggy.  

I traveled to Miami, Florida with my family when I was 19.  I swam in the ocean for the first time and even attempted boogie boarding!  It was so much fun!  I went to Sea World with my family and saw a fun play in a "night club".  I also ate at one of my now favorite restaurants... Joe's Crab Shack.  OMG... the seafood was to die for!!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Nine

An Old Photo of Me

So, I kinda skipped day eight! But who really wants to see what's inside my fridge, right?  I did post a video though so if you haven't seen that, head over there and check it out! 

This is a photo of me when I was in college in Moorhead, MN.  I was 21 and had just started dating my now husband.  This is taken in my apartment that I shared with a good friend.  It was a 2 bedroom w/ bath apartment with an attached kitchen and livingroom. I really enjoyed college and wish I could have experienced more.  BUT... I definitely am happy with the trade off I was blessed with.  A loving husband and two beautiful daughters.

Friday, October 18, 2013

DIY Ceramic Coasters

Hello everyone!

I just uploaded another YouTube video on spicing up plain ceramic coasters.  It was a fast and easy project but they turned out looking amazing!

I hope you all go check it out and show it some love.  Thank you in advance!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Seven

Stranded on an Island

Ok! Let's play the fun scenario that you're stranded on an island.  Let's just say you can only bring... 6 things.  No other rules.  What would you take??

1. My husband... he's much better in survival mode than this girl!

2. Matches... I don't know how to start a fire with sticks nor do I care to even try.

3. A gun and ammo... for protection and hunting reasons.

4. Water... obvious reasons.

5. Tent... Again, I don't care to try to make a make-shift shelter out of sticks and leaves.

6. Bug spray... Living in Minnesota, I HATE mosquitoes... or bugs for that fact. 

What would you bring?  Leave a comment and tell me your 6 essentials for this not-so-fun scenario! :) 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Six

10 of My Favorite Things

1. Christmas... everything about Christmas: Christmas music, Christmas baking, Christmas dinner, Christmas morning, church, decorating my home

2. Long baths in lavender

3. Receiving a package!

4. Sinking my feet in the sand on a beach

5. Cuddling with my hubby!

6. Long walks with my little girls

7. Crafting/ Baking

8. The smell of fresh sheets

9. The cool side of the pillow

10. Shopping at discount/ thrift stores

See you tomorrow for day seven!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Five

What's in My Handbag??

Super fun and easy challenge today.  I didn't clean out my purse or anything.  It's typically this clean.

* I bought this silver purse from my local Maurices a few years ago.
* The wallet is zebra print with a pink liner.  I bought this from a local purse lady. 
* I have my favorites, Lady Speed Stick deodorant, Justin Bieber perfume, PINK Pretty & Pure body spray, Summer Fruit EOS Lip Balm, and Bath & Body Works Cinnamint Mentha Lip Shine, always in my purse.
* Bills, of course, and a recipe book from a local grocery store.
* I try to carry an extra pacifier in my purse for those long car rides when DD loses her other one in the backseat. 
* Forgot to include my gum, but I usually care some kind of spearmint... my fav!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Four

 My Five Senses Right Now


Sight: I see my curtains swaying as the house fills with much needed heat. I see my little girl's mess she left for me (I like to think of them as memories).  I see pictures of my family hanging on our bright honey living room walls. I see dishes that I must get to after this! :)

Hearing: I hear the sweet snoring coming from the baby monitor as my little girl dreams magical things.  I hear cars drive by as their tires slosh through the puddles. I hear "Safe and Sound" by Capital Cities playing softly. (Music seems to spark creativity.)

Smell: I smell those warm brownies that my daughter and I enjoyed for dessert after lunch. (Dessert before naptime?  I'm such a good mom!)  I smell my freshly laundered quilt as it keeps my tootsies warm. (October came to fast!  I wasn't prepared.)

Taste: I taste the milk I've been sipping on to wash down that yummy brownie.  

Feel: I feel the warmth coming from laptop.  I feel my phone vibrate to notify me of a text message.  I feel that warm air finally fill this high ceiling room. 

Post a comment of your five senses right now! Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Three

Favorite Quote

"A woman's heart should be so hidden in the Lord that a man should seek Him first to find her." -Maya Angelou

I found this quote, like many others, on Pinterest a few months ago.  It struck me so deep that I couldn't bare not to repin it. I kept thinking about it even days after. What an amazing thought that could change so much in this world we live in.

I'm not going to go to in depth about this quote but can you imagine if more woman today followed this as if it were the same as breathing.  We would look past the "puppy love" stage that we've all found ourselves in.  We would stop falling so hard for a man who just didn't treat us as we should be treated.

I personally know of a few couples that definitely lived through this quote.  The men undoubtedly love the Lord and have built a strong foundation with their wives that centers their relationship in Him.  There is just no breaking that.

I'm lucky enough that I found a man who sought the Lord before me and has helped guide me to the relationship I share with the Lord today.  We share the same principles in the foundation of our marriage.  The Lord is my shepherd.

See you tomorrow for day 4 of this blog challenge! :)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Two

The Meaning of My Blog Name

On to day two of my blog challenge.  So what does my blog name mean and how did I come up with it?

Let's talk about how stressful it is coming up with a name for your blog.  I mean, seriously!  It was easier naming my daughter! I contemplated for days and days on a name... making a list, crossing some out, uncrossing them, crossing them out again and then some.  It was just a complete disaster. I tried to come up with something original, but have you seen how many blogs are out there??  I swear, every other name is taken!!

The thought came to me; what is my content going to be about? Do I want to somehow include that into the name?  My goal has always been to post recipes, crafts, baby/toddler info and such.  All of the above are included on being a mommy, right?  We cook, we color, we make paper snowflakes.

Thus, iheartmommyhood was born!

I'm totally happy about the name I chose.  It fits me perfectly and it doesn't strap me down to posting limited content.  Being a mom is an everyday job.  It involves everything possible and that's what I want to share with you all.

Thank you for stopping by!  :)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Blog Challenge Day One

Introduction and Photo of Me

Hello Everyone.  My name is Ashley Neu.  I am 23 years old.  I live in a small town in Minnesota with my husband and two daughters.  I am currently a stay-at-home mom while trying to throw myself into the blog world. 

I was born in Montevideo, Minnesota (another small town) and have two brothers.  I graduated high school from Montevideo and worked for 2 years saving for college.   I attended Minnesota State University Moorhead for a short time before getting married and starting a family.  My husband's name is Josh and my two daughters are Adilee and Honor.  

I love to stay up late to craft.  I started scrapbooking at the age of 15 and got into card making a few years later.  When my husband and I moved into our current home, I started getting into making home decor.  This is probably my favorite hobby to do but I still find myself going back to scrapbooking and card making.

I am a home-body and love cuddling up with my hubby to watch our favorite TV shows.  I love to bake and find that I spend a lot of my time in the kitchen.  If I'm not baking, I'm cooking for my family or cleaning up after my family! ;)  I actually really enjoy cleaning especially if I'm having a rough day.

A few of my goals in life are to have a loving home filled with as many children as the Lord blesses us with, pursue my dream to turn my hobby of scrapbooking/crafting into a job, and becoming more confident in myself.   

This is a picture of my husband and I.  This was taken last summer when my hair was still long (and brown)!  I know have shoulder-length blonde hair.  

I hope you enjoyed learning about who I am.  Please leave a comment if you'd like to know anything else!  See you tomorrow for day two! :)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge

So, I've kinda been in a slump on what I'd like to post.  I've been searching and searching for new ideas and I think I found the perfect solution!  A blog challenge!

I created a challenge that I think will be... well, challenging but fun to post about.  I will beginning tomorrow so I hope you stick around for all of the fun!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board

New video uploaded!  This is a really quick and easy tutorial on using the We R Memory Keepers Envelope punch board.  I hope the directions are clear.  If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.  Enjoy! :)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Flourish Flower Card

Another tutorial this morning.  I've created a card similar to this in the past and it was fun so I thought I'd give it a go again.

This is a super easy card but it's so adorable! You don't need a lot of supplies to replicate this card.  As far as the flourish stamp go, you can use any kind of flourish stamp you have for the stem of the flower or you can hand draw that baby!

Core'dinations Premium White Cardstock
Echo Park- Everyday Electric Doily Multi by Allison Kreft
Marvy Uchida 3/4" circle punch
Paper Studio Bag 'O Buttons
Staz On Jet Black Ink
Flourish stamp
Tombow Stamp Runner
Zots Glue Dots
Martha Stewart Score Board
Martha Stewart Bone Folder
EK Success Cutter Bee Scissors

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Jumbo Clothespin Tutorial

I'm so excited to announce that I've uploaded my first YouTube video.  I'm so happy with how it turned out and I hope you feel inspired by it.

Stay Crafty! :)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Guacamole Recipe

Not to brag or anything, but I think I am a guacamole making professional.  I love the way it comes out every time!  I've only been making it for about a year now but I've definitely mastered it.

 It's not brain surgery or anything but sometimes you gotta play with the ingredients a little to get it just how you like it.


6 ripe avocados
1 1/2- 2 roma tomatoes, diced
3-4 green onions, finely chopped
1-2 tbsp. cilantro
1/2 lime or lemon.

Start by cutting the avocados lengthwise around the pit with a sharp knife.  Twist the two halves and remove the pit. (You can either do that with a spoon or by chopping the knife in the pit partially and twisting the pit.  To remove the pit from the knife, simply push on the pit from the back (non-sharp) side of the knife.) *save a few pits.

Spoon out all the avocado flesh and put into a bowl. Mash up the avocado until it's smooth.

Cut up the roma tomatoes, green onions, and cilantro and add to the avocado.

Roll the lime or lemon on the counter to help get all the juices out. Cut it in half and squeeze it over your guacamole while using your fingers as a strainer to keep the seeds out. If you would like to use a whole lime or lemon, that is fine.  It will have a more citrus-y taste to it.

Mix well.

Lastly, add salt to the guacamole.  Avocados have such a plain taste to them so you need quite a bit of salt to bring some flavor.  Do a taste test to get the right flavor that you want.

Mix again.

*Take the pits you previously saved and add to the guacamole.  These, along with the lime or lemon, will help prevent the guacamole from turning brown.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Angel Crisp Cookies

I still remember the day my mom made the deliciousness that she called Angel Crisps.  It was the best sugar cookie I had ever had.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE sugar cookies... actually any cookie at that.  But these little pieces of heaven were just so perfect that I remember thinking I can't wait to be able to teach my daughters how to make them.

Angel Crisps

1/2 c. white sugar
1/2 c. brown sugar
1/2 c. shortening
1/2 c. butter
1 egg
1 tsp. vanilla
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. soda
1 tsp. cream of tartar
2 c. flour

Combine the sugars, shortening, butter and egg. Add in vanilla.

In a separate bowl, combine the salt, soda, cream of tartar and flour.

Slowly add the dry mixture into the sugar/butter mixture until well combined making sure not to over mix.

*Over mixing can result in hard cookies.

Form into balls. Dip one end into water and then into sugar.

*Little helping hands :)

Place onto baking sheet and press down on center of cookie dough.  Bake at 400° for 10 minutes until golden brown.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Celebrations!

Our Easter celebrations started this past Saturday.  My husband, our girls and I headed over to my hometown to celebrate with some close friends. 

The girls, dressed in their beautiful Easter dresses, were so excited by all of the good food, yummy treats and just the space to run around and have some fun! Of course, you can't have Easter without some yummy Easter candy!!  I had to let my "I'm a neat freak... don't get dirty" side go for a few hours as they were running around, falling on the floors and basically rolling in any spec of dirt they could find!  After all, they were making fun Easter memories.



I made Easter treats to bring with.  I forgot to take some pictures of how they turned out but I'll provide the link of where I got the recipe from.  They were super easy to make.  Basically, they are exactly like Rice Crispie treats but with Fruity Pebbles instead of Rice Crispies and white chocolate drizzled on top.

Treats Link-----> Easter Treats

Next, we headed over to one of my sister-in-laws who lived a few hours away.  We spent the night and woke up to have a lovely Easter morning. 

My husband and I joined a few other family members for a morning run.  Other than it being slightly ice (have I mentioned we live in Minnesota?!), the air was crisp and it felt so refreshing to enjoy the nature surrounding us.  My sister-in-law lives on a large piece of land in the Minnesota country. With all of this beauty happening around me, I have to say.... I felt a bit out of shape!  I spent the rest of the morning coughing and wheezing.  Uffda... mommyhood sure has affected me physically!! 

We had lunch and enjoyed a short bible study from my father-in-law. 

*My mother-in-law and baby girl taking a quick snooze*

The kids all had an Easter egg hunt and oh man, what fun that was to see their eyes so bright and full of wonder finding eggs of candy! Of course, a sugar rush came next as they ingested a pound full of sugar... or so! 

We spent the rest of the evening with family stories and headed home to rest our busy minds.  The girls were a bit restless... probably due to the sugar intake but it was so nice to see such happy little girls! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

A New Blog for a New Mommy

Well, I guess you could consider me a new mommy.  I had my first child last January and my husband had a daughter prior to meeting me. So I am a mother of two beautiful, energetic little girls.  In my eyes, I'm still learning the ropes of juggling mommy hood as well as other aspects of life. I've wanted to start a blog for some time now... to share my life, my creations, my passions, and everything else in between.  I'm anxious to see where this takes me.  I hope to find followers who enjoy the same things as I do.  Ladies who enjoy being a mom and who strive to learn something new that could help them in their "mommy-role"!  Please, if you just stumbled upon this blog... stick around! I've got some big plans for this blog.  I will be starting a YouTube channel off of this blog and I will be posting different tutorials that involve anything from crafts to food to mommy related things.  I don't expect this to be an easy journey but this is something that I have wanted to do ever since I learned what "blogging" was.  I loved writing in school.  I also loved being involved in organizations that did something to better people's lives.  I hope that you haven't found this first blog post boring.  I sure am excited to get the ball rolling.  I hope that you all have a wonderful day and I'll talk to you guys very soon!! :)