Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Celebrations!

Our Easter celebrations started this past Saturday.  My husband, our girls and I headed over to my hometown to celebrate with some close friends. 

The girls, dressed in their beautiful Easter dresses, were so excited by all of the good food, yummy treats and just the space to run around and have some fun! Of course, you can't have Easter without some yummy Easter candy!!  I had to let my "I'm a neat freak... don't get dirty" side go for a few hours as they were running around, falling on the floors and basically rolling in any spec of dirt they could find!  After all, they were making fun Easter memories.



I made Easter treats to bring with.  I forgot to take some pictures of how they turned out but I'll provide the link of where I got the recipe from.  They were super easy to make.  Basically, they are exactly like Rice Crispie treats but with Fruity Pebbles instead of Rice Crispies and white chocolate drizzled on top.

Treats Link-----> Easter Treats

Next, we headed over to one of my sister-in-laws who lived a few hours away.  We spent the night and woke up to have a lovely Easter morning. 

My husband and I joined a few other family members for a morning run.  Other than it being slightly ice (have I mentioned we live in Minnesota?!), the air was crisp and it felt so refreshing to enjoy the nature surrounding us.  My sister-in-law lives on a large piece of land in the Minnesota country. With all of this beauty happening around me, I have to say.... I felt a bit out of shape!  I spent the rest of the morning coughing and wheezing.  Uffda... mommyhood sure has affected me physically!! 

We had lunch and enjoyed a short bible study from my father-in-law. 

*My mother-in-law and baby girl taking a quick snooze*

The kids all had an Easter egg hunt and oh man, what fun that was to see their eyes so bright and full of wonder finding eggs of candy! Of course, a sugar rush came next as they ingested a pound full of sugar... or so! 

We spent the rest of the evening with family stories and headed home to rest our busy minds.  The girls were a bit restless... probably due to the sugar intake but it was so nice to see such happy little girls!