Monday, October 14, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Four

 My Five Senses Right Now


Sight: I see my curtains swaying as the house fills with much needed heat. I see my little girl's mess she left for me (I like to think of them as memories).  I see pictures of my family hanging on our bright honey living room walls. I see dishes that I must get to after this! :)

Hearing: I hear the sweet snoring coming from the baby monitor as my little girl dreams magical things.  I hear cars drive by as their tires slosh through the puddles. I hear "Safe and Sound" by Capital Cities playing softly. (Music seems to spark creativity.)

Smell: I smell those warm brownies that my daughter and I enjoyed for dessert after lunch. (Dessert before naptime?  I'm such a good mom!)  I smell my freshly laundered quilt as it keeps my tootsies warm. (October came to fast!  I wasn't prepared.)

Taste: I taste the milk I've been sipping on to wash down that yummy brownie.  

Feel: I feel the warmth coming from laptop.  I feel my phone vibrate to notify me of a text message.  I feel that warm air finally fill this high ceiling room. 

Post a comment of your five senses right now! Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!!

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