Thursday, October 17, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Seven

Stranded on an Island

Ok! Let's play the fun scenario that you're stranded on an island.  Let's just say you can only bring... 6 things.  No other rules.  What would you take??

1. My husband... he's much better in survival mode than this girl!

2. Matches... I don't know how to start a fire with sticks nor do I care to even try.

3. A gun and ammo... for protection and hunting reasons.

4. Water... obvious reasons.

5. Tent... Again, I don't care to try to make a make-shift shelter out of sticks and leaves.

6. Bug spray... Living in Minnesota, I HATE mosquitoes... or bugs for that fact. 

What would you bring?  Leave a comment and tell me your 6 essentials for this not-so-fun scenario! :) 

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