Sunday, October 13, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Three

Favorite Quote

"A woman's heart should be so hidden in the Lord that a man should seek Him first to find her." -Maya Angelou

I found this quote, like many others, on Pinterest a few months ago.  It struck me so deep that I couldn't bare not to repin it. I kept thinking about it even days after. What an amazing thought that could change so much in this world we live in.

I'm not going to go to in depth about this quote but can you imagine if more woman today followed this as if it were the same as breathing.  We would look past the "puppy love" stage that we've all found ourselves in.  We would stop falling so hard for a man who just didn't treat us as we should be treated.

I personally know of a few couples that definitely lived through this quote.  The men undoubtedly love the Lord and have built a strong foundation with their wives that centers their relationship in Him.  There is just no breaking that.

I'm lucky enough that I found a man who sought the Lord before me and has helped guide me to the relationship I share with the Lord today.  We share the same principles in the foundation of our marriage.  The Lord is my shepherd.

See you tomorrow for day 4 of this blog challenge! :)

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