Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Twelve

Timeline of My Day

This is a typical day for me.

Btw... DD= my daughter Honor and DH= my hubby.

Ready, set.... Go!

8:00 am: Wake up to DD singing in her crib.

8:30 am: Make breakfast for both DD and I... and enjoy it!

9:00 am: Watch a show or two (Usually Sesame Street, Veggie Tales or something Disney).

10:00 am: DD plays while this mommy gets the kitchen cleaned up and does some laundry or cleans a bathroom or two.

11:30 am/12:30 pm: Make lunch for DD and I... and enjoy it!

1:00 pm: DD goes down for a nap. I either nap, scrap or catch up on my favorite shows.  Sometimes all three!

4:00 pm: DD wakes up from her nap with smiles and all! Playtime resumes.  If it's nice out, DD and I go for a nice 2-mile walk!

5:30 pm: I start making supper.

6:30 pm: DD and I have supper.  DH is usually home by now and enjoys supper with us.

7:00 pm: Time to start the bedtime routine! (Bath, brush teeth, PJ's, prayers, hugs & kisses)

7:30 pm: Bedtime for my DD.  Playtime for this mama! (Again, usually scrapping, shows with DH curled up on the couch, or Pinterest, maybe!)

10:30: I try to be in bed by this time.  Sometimes successful, sometimes not!

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