Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blog Challenge Day Twenty One

If I could be a Disney Princess...

I would be Belle!!

I love to read.  I find something so powerful in reading.  It's like living in their world and experiencing what it would be like to be someone else.

I would love to live in a mansion where the teacups, clock and candlesticks talked.  Ok... this seems a little far fetched, but can you imagine the kind of conversations you would have?!  Plus, what's cooler than inanimate objects becoming animated?!

Like pretty much all of the princesses, Belle has a beautiful singing voice.  I would love to have a powerful singing voice!

She is sooooo beautiful.  Obviously, she's a fictional character but I've always thought women with brunette hair and golden brown eyes possess such beauty.   

She has a heart full of purity and love.  She falls in love with a creature who sends others in the opposite direction.  She finds something that is seen as ugly to be wonderful and handsome.  

What Disney Princess do you admire?  Leave a comment below!

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